Summer Lovin’

I’ve been in a state of ‘somewhat summer’ for the last few months…the whole no work (and now furloughed) thing has had me home and in a weird space. I’m used to having summers off and the norm for us is to have a few trips planned and an endless lineup of garden parties happening for quite a few nights of the week.

But none of that is happening right now due to covid and so I’ve been floating, for lack of a better word. I like the word ‘wandering’ too, but that makes me think of actually getting dressed and maybe even leaving the house so floating, as in floating for hours in the pool without moving a muscle, sounds better.

My days are revolve around meals. Planning meals, cooking meals, eating meals, cleaning up from meals. It’s actually a nice place for me because feeding my crew is what I do best and the garden is especially beautiful, albeit way too quiet, this year. I know this time will eventually pass but until then we are making the best of things.

Two of my three sons are here for the duration – the youngest is graduating college in December and will finish out his final semester online while living at home. Our oldest is a music professor in China and, well, we all know that’s not where he should be right now. His hope is to go back as soon as the borders open; my hope is I’ll have a stiff drink in my hand when he tells us it’s time.

Just keeping it real. =)

There’s the nightly four handed games of cribbage that are played after supper and can get quite obnoxious. I’ve learned none of us are quiet card players and each of us is the most competitive person on the planet.

And in the midst of this pandemic, we did the crazy. I hadn’t hugged my middle boy since he visited at Christmas and my momma heart needed to see him, see the place that he calls home (and we do too), and love on him for a few days. We prayed over this whole idea and in the end masked up, gloved up, packed a kit full of wipes and sanitizer and boarded a flight. We almost considered backing out at the last minute but my heart won out over my brain (not necessarily the smartest thing) and off we went and had the BEST time I could imagine. We spent time with people we love, talked late into the night around a firepit, drank really great wine, visited all our old stomping grounds and yes, once home quarantined ourselves to make sure all was ok.

But best of all…this guy. He’s our middle born and I’m telling you, I just like him a whole lot. Nothing in this world beats seeing your kids doing their thing, figuring out life, living on hamburger helper.

We’re proud of you, kid.

Other summer loves. A picnic at the lake with a good book. Homemade Chicago pizza. Fresh flowers for the kitchen table. A day trip to a local vineyard, so we could pretend we were in Italy while walking among the vines. Regular face-timing with our people. Daily writing, even if I never hit publish. And the weekly menu plan – this one courtesy of cleaning out the extra freezer so I can defrost it and stock up again.

We’ve been well fed, that’s for sure.

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