On and On and On We Go

Shelter in place, week 10. Ten. TEN TEN TEN.

It’s a lot like the movie Groundhog Day around here and while I’m thankful to live in a state that is taking this all very seriously…I. Am. Over. It.

Plan meals. Cook meals. Eat meals. Clean up after meals. Repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat.

It’s all just so overwhelming because we have no clue as to who to believe anymore. There is no one voice guiding us through this. Stay in, you’ll live. Go out, you’ll most likely be fine. Drink bleach. Don’t drink bleach. Wear a mask. Don’t wear gloves. Wash hands. Blah, blah, blah.

Enough, already – and while I have made a standard for myself to not discuss my political views on social media or even on my corner of the world wide web, it’s getting more difficult. I’m used to those discussions happening while sitting around a table with real people, but as we all know that’s not happening…though sometimes we blur the lines.. Sort of, since we are always 6 feet apart.

On to other exciting and news worthy life events. The dryer stopped heating, which meant a new fancy part and a visit from the duct cleaning guy – both of which involved masked and gloved people coming into my completely sterile house. Though how sterile can a house be with four humans (three of whom are men) and a dog and a cat? But thankfully, we’ve now got a working dryer and an unclogged duct, so there’s that.

In other news, the oldest boy of our houseful of boys makes the most delicious smelling, and even better tasting, sourdough bread. It’s great hot out of the oven slathered with butter and we all line up for it to be done baking, because one of our greatest joys right now is to be the first person to cut into it. Life is quite simple now, that’s for sure. The other great joy is that we can’t possibly eat all of it, so we are gifting bread to others. I shoot out mass texts that the bread is in the oven and the first responders get one all packaged up and left on our porch.

We’ve gotten pretty popular through all this social distancing.

While I am so ready to move on from this, there are things I don’t want to forget. Empty shelves in the grocery stores – especially the pasta, canned goods and toilet paper aisles. The shortage of meat and the fact that we can now only buy two packages at a time. One way aisles, markers on the floors reminding us where to stand so we are 6 ft apart, face masks required to even enter the store and plastic shields in between us and the workers. Washing thoroughly all the food that comes in the house and immediately changing our clothes. The beaches are closed. Playgrounds…closed. Getting gas is terrifying – so. many. germs.

But, things are good too. I love being home. My family is safe and we find lots of reasons to celebrate. I had a birthday in there and there’s no way a little pandemic can stop any of us from living or celebrating. Flowers, socially distant visits, and COOKIES. It was a very good , sheltered at home, day indeed.

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