We are beginning our fifth week of being quarantined and while I had grand plans for how I was going to spend my time each day…get up, have coffee, shower, do the laundry, take a long walk while listening to an audio book, write for a few hours, clean the whole house (and this was all before noon each day!) all I can think is…thank God my children are grown up.

Don’t get me wrong, sheltering in place is not fun after the first week for anyone. But those of you with young children, trying to shelter them from the news AND a virus AND keeping them entertained without the benefit of a playground AND managing online schooling? You win the trophy, hands down.

That guy that I like so much is able to go work (alone) in his office each day, so he still has a sense of normal to his life. My days are…different. Quieter. Longer. I’ve gone from a life where I’d work a full day, see lots of different people, and also pop into the market almost daily to pick up whatever I was going to cook that night. I’ve always been very European about it…planning only for a day or three at a time and buying whatever was fresh. With store shelves emptying by midday, and the waiting in line to enter and the germs…it all takes a lot more organization.

I’m missing certain things and a few things I’m not…like, I’m not missing feeling rushed, but I am missing coffee with friends. I’m missing hugging people. I’m missing store shelves stocked to the brim with whatever we need. I’m missing the daily parts to my job…the fun team I’m blessed to work with in a field where we made a difference each day, yet I am not missing the political aspects. I miss garden parties.

Oh, and I’m really really really missing my cleaning lady.

But I have always been a home girl and this time of planning and cooking meals and eating together at the table is nothing new. I’m blessed that I really like the people I’m quarantined with, though I am the first to say that if all five of us were here together, I’d probably run away from home and sleep in my car. They are fun but they are big, they are loud, and they are annoying as hell when they are all together. =)

So here we are, trying to keep things normal when they most certainly are not. This Holy week feels strange…almost distant. Easter, too. But then I remind myself that there were no new dresses or orchestras or Easter baskets or Maddie’s bunny cakes on that first Easter…just an empty tomb that is a reminder that nothing would ever be the same. We’re being reminded of that now, because of this pandemic, that nothing will ever be the same.

Happy Easter, my friends. Different this year, but yet the same. He IS risen!

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