Catching My Breath

I have been reminded this week of how beauty rises out of ashes…and how very blessed this life I have been given is.

There was no tragedy. No one was injured or diagnosed or died. But a work meeting this week left me reeling…and hurt. I cried. For days. I cried until there weren’t any more tears and then cried a bit more. It wasn’t the criticism, but it was the way it was handled.

But then I began to see that God was showing me that there were things I needed to see. That often times work places aren’t healthy…and that goes for churches and the secular world. That I need to create, and maintain, healthy boundaries. That the team I work with on a daily basis is special, and hard working, and kind. That I am more than what I was told…that it does not define who I am.

And through all the tears, I was given the clearest vision of my life.


I have a home. One here, that is full. Full of people who I am thankful to call mine. And another home waiting after this soot filled life on earth ends…one that I see as having a long table filled with people needing to be fed.

There is so much more than what we see.

So enough about all that…and on to the good this week. The weather finally warmed and it’s now HOT, so the AC has been running all day and night. The fig tree is bursting with figs…so many that I’m worried it will collapse and the garden flowers now need daily water in order to hold their pretty little faces up. And s’mores with peanut butter cups really can make everything feel better.


This week was also filled with many long walks and many long talks and many quiet prayers and many long suppers in the garden. Oh…and an early morning rain that was completely unexpected and gave everything a good soaking.

So here we sit. Another week done and another beginning. There’s work to be done, meals to be planned…and cooked, a dog to be walked.

I’m ready…whatever might come. I could worry about it getting worse but I’m going to trust that my hand is being held and my heart is being protected. Even when it feels ugly, I know the beauty is always there.


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