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There’s lots of big, and little, life stuff happening in our little world..I have one moving out of state in two weeks and another coming home for a short three week visit. The third is gearing up for school starting, I’m stressed about tuition payments and my work life is all topsy turvy. Bedrooms are being cleaned out and reorganized, the washer is going all day long, boxes are being packed and multiple trips are being made to the dumpster.

All that has meant I haven’t been sleeping well lately…the kind of not sleeping because my brain just won’t stop thinking all kinds of thoughts that most likely don’t matter…yet still bother me.

And then I don’t want to nap because I want to sleep at night and then the same cycle repeats itself. Which basically means I’m grumpy and groggy…though thankful for the art of afternoon coffee.


Panzanella with farmers market tomatoes and day old kalamata olive bread – probably one of my favorite meals ever!

I’m trying to focus on the the good stuff and not on the ‘what if’ parts…like, there is a beautiful tree in the back yard EVEN IF it doesn’t grow $100 bills.


The garden is so peaceful during the daytime and I’m trying to take advantage of that and spend time reading or writing or planning dream vacations or counting the figs on the tree. (50 or so this season, in case you were wondering…) The garden becomes a bit more animated at happy hour and then downright loud by sundown. Our poor neighbors. We do invite them over but for some reason, we keep forgetting that we don’t live in a 100 year old farmhouse in the middle of 10 acres and instead live, literally, attached to our neighbors.


This season has one downside…and it’s a BIG one. This past winter was super rainy in SoCal, and super rainy brings lush greenery and gorgeous flowers. And…SPIDERS. So. Many. Spiders. The kind of spiders that drop right down in front of your face while you’re eating dinner and make webs in walkways within minutes.


Hasn’t stopped us from having long, loud dinners…but I’ve got super scanner vision and a broom nearby at all times.

Earlier this week we did a quick run into Costco for a few staples, came out with an 8×10 carpet only to remember we drove that guy that I like so much’s car. Or maybe it wasn’t such a bad idea? I do feel it’s part of my lot in life to humanize the ritzy county we live in…and a carpet hanging out of the car helps that cause.

Friday night we grilled up some marinated tri-tip, multiple trays of vegetables (peppers, asparagus, zucchini and onions) and served the whole thing on top of a big arugula salad. Friends brought some great wines, another walked in with whisky and ta-dah! we had a party.

Two spiders crashed it, too…and our dog is absolutely no help. He knows exactly where to park himself under the table where a slick hand slips him some treats and completely ignores the creepy crawlies.

Last December we totally Marie Kondo’d our attic and it felt so good that we did the same thing on Saturday to our outside storage shed. So much was tossed/ fact, most everything found a new home if we hadn’t touched it in the last year.

It’s a little space that holds a lot…basically everything a garage would hold. Our extra freezer is in there and so is our water heater, plus all our beach equipment. The big question…how many boogie boards does one shrinking family need?

Today has been quiet. Church this morning, which isn’t quiet for that guy that I like much since he leads worship, but quiet for me in that I just show up. Tonight we are firing up the pizza oven and since the fridge is somewhat empty, we will get creative with our pizzas. I ordered einkorn flour and am trying my regular dough recipe with it, so we’ll see how that goes. It does have a beautiful golden yellow color!

And tonight? Post pizza, I’m praying for sleep. The kind where my brain completely sleeps too.

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