This summer season I am doing a few things differently than usual. Rather than being completely unscheduled for a few (rather glorious) weeks, I’m involved in a journaling ‘class’. The daily prompts show up via email while I am sleeping and have me writing in the early mornings in the garden while I listen to the neighborhood wake up.

It feels good to write again after feeling like that was something that I had left behind (or that had left me behind) and I am loving the joy that is there as I write all sorts of words down.

And the prompts are sometimes a bit heavy, which I’m finding I like too.

Makes me think.

Summer days are all pretty similar…coffee with that guy that I like so much while catching up on the world news (sigh), a load or two of laundry thrown in, the garden gets watered, we shower and head out on a few errands together…usually involving a breakfast or lunch at a fun place, a stop at the market for whatever is going to be cooked that night and then home.


I love home. It’s not fancy, it’s not big, it’s not always (gulp) picked up. But it’s ours and my favorite people in the world call it home too.

Our home is in this interesting season of life and for those that are walking through this same season, or have walked it already, then you get it. Home used to be FULL OF BOYS.


Of boys.

And now it isn’t…or it is, but it’s full of boys who are transitioning out. Matthew lives in China, Alex is moving in a few short weeks to Colorado for work, and Brian is starting his senior (what????) year of college.

So those people listed above (and if you know me in real life, you know I use the phrase ‘you people’ a whole lot) all have either one or both feet out the door.

But that guy that I like so much and I?

Empty nesting is on the horizon.

But, and maybe I’m alone in this…but now what? Is it ok to think those thoughts? Is it ok to feel a little (or kinda a lot) unsettled at what’s next? I mean, will our little house on our little street continue to be a place others want to gather?

But then I get little bits and pieces of clarity thrown in there. Friends who show up because they need a hot meal after a long day of work. Others who come because they have things to work through and need a little advice or maybe just a glass of wine and a moment to breathe. Grandkids (and where are mine, boys? Dad and I are ready!) who are beginning to come with their grandparents and feel so at home because we have a scaredy dog.

So maybe that’s this season. The in between season. The one where the children begin leaving and the friends keep coming.

And so I keep feeding people…to keep them coming. Maybe it’s not for them, but for me.

And there are other important summer things too. Like Season 3 of Stranger Things and panzanella with home grown tomatoes and figs from the tree with honey and goat cheese and 80’s music playing way too loud all afternoon and evening and doing a Bible study of Ruth with a girlfriend and Esther with another and long walks around our neighborhood lake.

All that ‘life goes on’ things help make all the changes a bit easier.

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Wife to one, Mom to three, striving daily to live a simple life in a complicated world.

2 thoughts on “Summertime

  1. Michele, my mom sent me your new blog address the other day and I have been so enjoying it in between the diaper changes and the duplos and the melt downs haha. I have to tell you, there is this Danish word “hygge” that we don’t have an English equivalent for (Google it for a dozen different defintions!) but your blog totally embodies hygge and brings such a warmth and joy to read, especially in this season where it’s easy for me to lose sight of the beautiful things. Thank you!!


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