A Day Trip Away

This past week was quiet, followed by a filled up weekend. I am technically off work for a few weeks but the phone calls and emails continue to trickle in with people needing things…but it’s still been a welcome, much needed break.

I had grand plans of cleaning out our storage shed as well as the laundry room. I also had wanted to paint the boys bathroom and replace all the broken things…the rusted light fixture and mirror, the toilet paper holder that was ‘accidentally’ ripped off the side of the vanity, the towel bar that has been hanging by one screw for, I don’t know…years?

Instead, last week I caught up on my (valentines) hallmark movies, lunched with a girlfriend, breakfasted with another, dinnered at the country club (that was super fun!) and spent not one, but two full days in my pjs. TWO. Basically, I came to realize that if I didn’t have a job, I might never, ever get dressed.

And then last night that guy that I like so much came up with a plan because I needed a diversion. Or intervention? Conversion? Aversion? Basically, I needed to get out of the house. In real clothes, because sometime last week I became one of those people who walks their dog – and gets their mail in their mismatched, wrinkly, yes I slept in them last night, pajamas.

Yep…just keeping our sky high real estate prices classy.

So off we went today an hour or so north of us to the Huntington Library – complete with a Gutenberg Bible, early manuscripts of Shakespeare and Chaucer and then there are acres upon acres of botanical gardens.

But the true highlight for me was high tea in the rose garden. Scones with clotted cream and lemon curd, finger sandwiches – egg salad and chicken salad, mini quiches, and pots of hot, fruity tea.

I always feel like I’ve been on vacation after having high tea. No one rushes you, everything feels just sort of grown up, and in the end I feel like it’s more of an event than a sit down meal.

And I like that.

Back home for bbq’d burgers with grilled green chilis and jack cheese. I didn’t even make a salad or cut up some fruit or make some tater tots to go with them…just a burger on bun, on a plate. Cuz we are fancy sometimes…and mama was tired.

The wine though? Yum! A gift from a friend who just returned from a trip. Definitely deserved a nicer meal to go with it, but oh well.


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Wife to one, Mom to three, striving daily to live a simple life in a complicated world.

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