What Happens in the Garden

stays in the garden. Again, it’s not a fancy place. There is a pizza oven which was purchased last summer in lieu of a family vacation. There is always a tablecloth on the table, most (if not all) that were brought home from random Italian markets…and at a price point of no more that 10 euro each. And there is always a whole bunch of laughter and stories shared.

He’s saying ‘are you going to eat ALL of those???’

I’ve been keeping a journal of our parties for a long time now. It’s just a little notebook in which I put the date, who was over and what we ate. Sometimes I add a little story, sometimes it’s just the menu, sometimes a recipe if I tried something new.

Most times I update it a night or two after the party, sitting at my kitchen counter, sipping a cocktail that guy that I like so much has made. If he quit his job, he’d become a mixologist.


It’s so fun to both look back and remember specific garden parties and also to get meal ideas when I’m in a cooking slump.

People really don’t care what they eat. They really don’t. BUT…and trust me on this – if you are going to serve fancy cocktails, have lots of food to soak up the alcohol. A bowl of nuts doesn’t cut it…but a bowl of pasta (even if no one eats carbs anymore) does.

My favorite cocktail to serve in the summer months is a Spritz. It’s been a thing in Italy forever, but now it’s a thing here too. I’m a purist…no ice, no sparkling water.

Italian Spritz

2 oz aperol
6 oz prosecco
1 orange slice

Pour aperol into a long stemmed glass. Top with COLD prosecco and an orange slice. 

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Wife to one, Mom to three, striving daily to live a simple life in a complicated world.

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