About the Garden

Not so long ago in a far away country, we visited a garden.  It wasn’t big and it wasn’t fancy…just a small gravely courtyard full of plants and twinkly lights behind iron gates. In the middle of this garden were a few long tables with lots of candles and plenty of chairs all around.

We sat down, our family of five.  That guy that I like so much and I ordered prosecco, which was poured into a pitcher and served in small water glasses. It was the end of the work day for the locals and we watched as something special began to happen.  People slowly started to wander in.  Some stood and talked to each other while others sat down.  Drinks were poured and conversations began.  And soon, food began to come out of the tiny kitchen…home cooked food on big platters and in big bowls.  Everyone eventually sat down all around us and as the sun began to set more wine was poured, stories and laughter became louder and bigger, a basket of blankets appeared as the temperature dropped and slowly (or maybe not so slowly at all), the stress of the week left and the joy of the weekend arrived.

But here’s the thing…it wasn’t a Friday night.  Or a Saturday night.  It was the middle of the week…but it sure felt like a weekend.  And that garden?  It awoke something in me as I was eating a bowl of simply, yet lovingly prepared pasta.


It was as if God very gently whispered directly to my soul…and suddenly, quietly, I just knew.

I knew we needed to venture back home and create a ‘garden’ of our very own. A place where people would be fed.

Fed physically.

Fed emotionally.

Fed spiritually.

Our house is small.  So is our garden.  There are lots of plants and twinkly lights and often times prosecco is poured into pitchers and served in water glasses. And our table? Well, it is always big enough for one more chair to be squeezed in.

This is my new place where I’ll share glimpses of our garden..what we eat, the stories that are told, the people who visit.  So welcome.  I’m glad you’re here.


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Wife to one, Mom to three, striving daily to live a simple life in a complicated world.

One thought on “About the Garden

  1. Yes! So thankful for your words. Grateful that our little family can be a piece of the garden with you and the guy you like so much. Excited to see these stories unfold. Love you! Thank you for sharing this and your heart.


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